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June 16, 2011.

In the Philippines, I tend to wake up at 6:30 AM everyday. That is a whole four or five hours earlier than when I wake up in Michigan. So it’s kind of weird but also nice to fit in A LOT of stuff in one day. June 16th was the first actual leisure day I had since I got here. Woke up and ate a little breakfast then went to Bikram Yoga from 8:30-10 AM. Went home and got ready to leave for the day. Ate at Kimchi at the Alabang Town Center food court. Devoured my food out of hunger and also ‘cause it was yummy. Then had halo-halo from Razon’s for dessert. Had my ears cleaned (Haha, yup!). Got a foot scrub and a free hand massage at Nail Tropics. Then had this yummy merienda of squid balls and fish balls pictured here. Then when I got home, I played with the sleeping baby cousin. Fin. :)

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    Ahhh! Those childhood memories! Running out to the street vendor for a late afternoon snack after school! FISHBALLS FTW
  4. blueplumet365 said: I WANT FISHBALLS. Okay, seriously. Riki is so jealous. ;P
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